Adopt a cow? Yep you “herd” it right.



Yep that’s right the guys over at Cadbury’s UK have started a campaign to adopt one of the cows that supplies the delicious milk that goes into Cadbury’s chocolate buttons. Cadbury’s conducted some research and found that some city kids believed a cow was either the size of a double decker bus or as small as a cat. In response to this they made a robotic cow with two puppeteers inside and called her “Buttons”.

Myself and Joe were invited to meet Buttons and she was pretty amazing and maybe a bit too realistic for Joe. He was a little unsure but after some careful persuasion with actual chocolate buttons he did get a bit closer.  Buttons is an animatronic life sized cow that a team of 20 prop specialists have created working 500 hours to prefect Buttons and she really was amazing.


During our visit we got to participate in a Pi – Cow – So (Clever, eh?) drawing class with the renowned artist Rose Blake, she had created an easy step by step guide on how to draw Buttons. It was very similar to an art class with easels surrounding Buttons as she posed to be drawn.

So pop over to to get the kids involved in adopting a cow, there are loads of facts and games to play as well. There is also a chance to win an overnight trip to meet your adopted cow!

Baby cinema – The review

If you fancy feeling a bit normal in the hazy days of having a baby and enjoying sitting down for a rest and cuddling your baby this is the event for you.

I was invited to try out the new baby cinema event at Trinity Arts Centre in Tunbridge Wells with my little girl Grace who is 7 months old by I was a little sceptical at first as Grace is not one for loud noises, I can’t even use sellotape without her crying but I thought we would give it go and I’m glad we did as we both enjoyed the experience and the new Ghostbusters film.

There is easy access to the building and into the theatre, everyone left their buggies at the front of the cinema in a buggy park area and this worked well especially for the parents that had really young ones as there was room to have your buggy in front of you so you could put them down for a nap and rock whilst watching the film. I had Grace on my lap and she loved the screen and really enjoyed the music. The lights stayed up so you can clearly see what is going on if you needed to feed, grab toys or stand at the side to rock your baby. Grace had a feed and had a couple of naps and also spent a lot of the time looking at the screen and chewing various toys. There was a relaxed atmosphere and no one cared if your baby cried because everyone was in the same boat.

It was well organised and they have good baby facilities at Trinity including a great cafe with plenty of highchairs, space for pushchairs and easy access to changing facilities.

I would definitely recommend this to parents that don’t want to miss out on the cinema experience and who are usually climbing into bed when a normal films start at the cinema.

There are more events planned, here is the link to the parents and babies page at Trinity.



#gettingbacktonormal my journey losing the baby weight for the last time

This is the last time I’m losing the weight, well that’s what I’ve told myself, no more kids and no more naughty eating.

I’m 4 months into child number 2 and I have started the journey of trying to lose the baby weight. With my second pregnancy I had to stop exercising about 25 weeks as my hips kind of gave up and I was walking very slowly everywhere for about a month and when I mean slow it was ridiculous and just embarrassing at times, especially around the office, anyway after some intense osteopath sessions I did walk again but I rested as I didn’t want to take the risk of further injury. Unlike my 1st pregnancy when I ate pretty much everything in sight I was a bit more careful this time and running around after a toddler kept me fairly fit.

So we hit the 3 month mark and Grace started at the crèche for a couple of  hour sessions a week, the first few times she just slept through the whole thing in amongst all the noise. We have a great crèche at the sports centre, its like handing your baby over to your mum, they are so good and they really enjoy the cuddles, so now she finally takes the bottle (after 6 weeks of trying everyday!) I get a couple of hours to myself to start the long journey.  So I thought I would keep people updated on my progress. I have started an instagram account called #gettingbacktonormal where I post the good healthy meals I eat. I have found this really motivates me to make yummy food that I actually want to eat. I’ve brought Joe wicks Lean in 15 and Alice The body bible and I’m trying out their methods and recipes, also I’m using inspiration from instagram too. I have a lovely brother-in-law who is a personal trainer who has worked out my macros, so I’m ready to roll.

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What’s in the bag? Tiba and Marl Elwood rucksack 

I previously wrote a review on the Tiba and Marl Elwood rucksack (Hapiness is a leopard print changing mat) which receives loads of views so here is an update on what’s in the bag now I’m in the full swing of juggling life with 2 children.

  • Leopard print changing mat
  • Nappies, wipes, nappy bags all in a handy clutch
  • The full collection of kinder egg ninja turtles (to entertain the toddler) 
  • Hat
  • Sophie for teething time
  • Bib
  • Nakd bars, I’m always hungry and need to keep up energy levels to keep everyone functioning 
  • A hungry caterpillar toy
  • Highlighter, saviour after the long nights
  • Mascara 
  • Lipstick
  • Mirror
  • Hairband, always handy when needing to pick up a child covered in sick (as did happen today)
  • Perfume
  • Fringe brush, the mummy/primary school fringe should be in place at all times
  • Pens
  • Dummy
  • Usb stick, not really sure why but could be useful
  • Baby nail clippers (to cut whilst she sleeping, you need take every opportunity)
  • Shopping bag
  • Purse
  • Glasses
  • Sunglasses, bargain at 50p as they will get trashed over the summer
  • Breastfeeding  cover
  • Red book (not sure why I carry this around probably on the off chance if I actually have time get the baby weighed)
  • Baby grow (for the time poonami strikes)

And there is still plenty of room! 

Our favourite books 

 I’ve been a book pusher from a young age with Joe. I quite enjoy the escapism as well as reading all classics that I remember reading as a child and have tried to pass this on, here is our favourites list

The tiger who came to tea – This is such a great book as I think Joe’s imagination would stretch to this actually happening!

Mog– We love a mog book, she always comes good in the end and gets an egg.

Stickman– This a new one to us but thought it would be a great book to lead into Christmas. This is a lovely book with his stick lady love and stick children, I will never look at a stick again in the same way. Continue reading

A pick me up? Or a possible hangover cure? Arbonne fizz sticks -Review 

I’ve been looking for a different way of getting a pick me up without drinking too much tea. My friend works for Arbonne that sells all singing and dancing organic skin products that are made of completely natural ingredients. She had mentioned she uses the fizz sticks as a pick me up and I thought I would give them go.

They come in two flavours, citrus and pomegranate, and are small 5g packets of powder that you dissolve in 400 ml water and drink over ice or on its own. I was expecting them to taste plasticity but I was pleasantly surprised they are refreshing and a good alternative to a fizzy drink.

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Happiness is a leopard print changing mat: Review Changing bag Tiba + Marl

 At the beginning of 2016 I will start life as a mum of two, to a newborn and an active toddler, to prepare myself for this I have decided I need a good rucksack, so I can be hands free and move quick! I was looking for something a bit different for a while then I came across the Elwood backpack by Tiba and Marl, this a new company formed by two mums that were previous buyers at TopShop and Kurt Geiger. I ordered the Tiba and Marl Elwood rucksack in Leopard print and it comes with the following


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Mummy and Daddy the Sun has come up! Gro Clock Review

Many parents will relate to struggle that is sleep. Whether it’s getting the little one to snooze a full 4 hours in a row, or adjust to a 6.00am start rather than the 5:30am(or God forbid even earlier!), bed time, for some, is a battleground where only the strongest of wills survives.

We have gone through every trick imaginable – from changing napping patterns in the day, to pushing back bedtime, to no naps – trying out different theories in order to reach that holy grail of 7 to 7 sleeping. If you can name it, chances are we have tried it. Despite our most herculean efforts, we were always up at 5am. Daily. It’s seriously depressing when waking up at 6am is now considered a lie-in.

Then, a friend of mine recommended a Gro-Clock. A little gadget by the Gro company (Link: that helps to sleep train young children.


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Potette plus review: For stress free potty training

When we first started potty training our toddler, Joe, I ended up staying indoors for a full day or so. Stressed out by the constant mad-dash between activities and the toilet, we ended up confined to our home.

I happened to be meeting up with my sister, who had potty trained two children and was working on her third and youngest that same week. We were out and about when my niece said the magic words. My sister immediately produced a PotettePlus – a foldable, plastic and child-sized toilet seat with plastic legs that could just as easily be placed on the ground in a park as on the average toilet seat. Continue reading

Thomas day out


A couple of weeks ago we went to a Thomas day out day at Spa Valley Railway, it was great we boarded a steam train and went for a little trip along the tracks. The trains are dressed up as the characters in the books with convincing faces on the front of them. The fat controller was there chatting to all the kids, mainly scaring them, and when you think about it he is not the nicest man in the books. Continue reading