What if a nuclear attack actually happened, here’s my plan.

So this is not a particularly happy post but it’s life as we know it now.

As long as I can remember there has been the risk of a nuclear war happening but until recent events I have not thought about it properly.

So I was having a discussion with my husband the other night and if London suffered a nuclear attack, where we live would be in the heat zone and we would have four minutes to escape. We don’t have a basement and we won’t get all the kids in the car and manage to get anywhere safe so we decided we would spend those last four minutes having fun with our children.

First thing is I would forget about the time and enjoy those last four minutes and show no fear to my children. I want their last moments of life to be happy and want them to die knowing they are safe in our arms.  Obviously a family group hug would be ideal but knowing my children they aren’t going to stay still that long and it will end up with Grace on the naughty step. So I would let Joe and Grace have some chocolate (because we would be gone by the time the sugar rush kicks in) to see their chocolate face one more time, stick on some tunes and dance around the kitchen and end it on going for a group hug and then that would be the end of the Dibley-Rouse’s.

This is a very depressing thought but I don’t know if I would want to survive a nuclear attack. I don’t have any skills I can contribute to society, unless the human race needs anyone to teach them how to shimmy. I would say we had a good life, we all have tantrums (even us the parents) but we do laugh together and enjoyed watching us all develop into parents or small human beings. We have completed most of the to do list so far.

I don’t know what life would be like after a nuclear attack but it would be very different to how we live now and I’m not sure I want to live through that. All I can hope for that certain world leaders get nuked too so the survivors have a chance.

Jesus this is serious stuff right? let’s carry on as normal and hope for the best unless you can do anything to stop this then do it now!





Center Parcs review ……Holland style.

We recently embarked on our annual trip to Center parcs in Holland. Now there are plus points going to a Center Parcs abroad as its a lot cheaper, the car trip and ferry is exciting for the kids (maybe not so much the parents) as you can treat it like a mini cruise.

So over the last four years of holidaying with children I have now accepted it’s not going to be relaxing, next year we are definitely going somewhere with a kids club! I brought these “This Mama does” milestones cards to capture the highs and the lows.

Scorchio/Rain rain go away – It definitely was not hot, but this actually didn’t really matter as when you are at Center Parcs there is loads to do inside and the trees are a good shelter, there is also nothing like whipping out your mum’s borrowed pac-a-mac in all of its purple patterned glory.

Happy Campers – Holidays are about doing stuff but sometimes everybody needs some “down time” so the iPad can be brought out, which in our house is a holiday treat.

Are we there yet? – The classic car trip to holiday but it all adds to the fun, the excitement building up in the car as you cruise through Europe listening to French radio (Joe fm). Even if the sat nav says 10 more miles add on an extra 7 miles for the detour round the small villages that the sat nav has sent you on to avoid that 30 second traffic jam.

Scream for Ice Cream – The whole family could scream for this but this year we were more scream for M&M’s that Joe and Grace enjoyed helping themselves to in the fridge door.

Picnic Party – No picnics on this holiday, the ground was too wet or covered in bugs so it was a packet of mini cheddars in the villa.

A bit of culture/Day Tripping – It would seem Grace is not on the blogging corporation band wagon yet and can not hold a card. We did visit a national park in Holland called De Hoge Veluwe where there is free bike hire, and a museum with Van Gogh paintings, obviously we didn’t get to go in there but the restaurant and play park were great.

Water babies – Joe and Grace enjoyed a jacuzzi bath every night and even made the seat bits into their own slide. I would like to say I enjoyed a jacuzzi bath but it was a bit loud and would have woken the kids as it sounded like a plane taking off.

And Chill – For about 43 mins then you end up falling asleep as you are so knackered but it is quite nice because you don’t have the daily things to do and that endless to do list can wait.

Living the dream – Having a BBQ is living the dream for Joe, so off we went to the nearest town to purchase a disposable BBQ for €1.99 and Joe’s dream came true.

No washing up – We did venture out one night to the buffet that meant no washing up and the chocolate fountain and the ice cream machine were amazing.

This is not relaxing – We waited for 15 mins with the mini carousel going round and round but they loved it, even though myself and husband where on catch Grace when she tries to jump off duty.

Happy Hour – Clearly we were not going to be taking advantage of the happy hour but breakfast was our happy hour it consisted of bacon, sugar, honey, lemons and blueberry pancakes.

Holidays are go – When your kids go on safari and try to drive a small jeep round a dirt track, everyone’s patience was tested but actually pleasantly surprised and I think Joe might be a better driver than me.




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