A pick me up? Or a possible hangover cure? Arbonne fizz sticks -Review 

I’ve been looking for a different way of getting a pick me up without drinking too much tea. My friend works for Arbonne that sells all singing and dancing organic skin products that are made of completely natural ingredients. She had mentioned she uses the fizz sticks as a pick me up and I thought I would give them go.

They come in two flavours, citrus and pomegranate, and are small 5g packets of powder that you dissolve in 400 ml water and drink over ice or on its own. I was expecting them to taste plasticity but I was pleasantly surprised they are refreshing and a good alternative to a fizzy drink.

They do still have caffeine in about 55 mg so I would only recommend 1 a day. I have been using these to replace tea and they give me a boost of energy without the caffeine come down, which is a winner for me as I feel knackered after the tea has worn off.

Here is a list of the ingredients, lots of good b vits! They are suitable for vegans and gulten free too. 
Hangover cure??

Obviously I’m not suffering from hangovers at the moment but planning to be at some point in the future. But I handed a few out to my lovely drunken friends and they said they definitely helped their hangovers, so could this possibly be a cure for hangover along with a bacon and egg sandwich?

I’ve stocked up as I can foresee some tired days coming up when number 2 arrives and they were on offer in October. I would highly recommend for a more natural boost.

For more information click on  http://www.arbonne.com/PWS/DebbieWaite/store/AMUK/Catalog/ProductSearch.aspx?filter=&search=Fizz 


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