7 ways to break the ‘perfect parenting’ code…..

11357954_987354401316120_1435658288_nOne thing after I gave birth and had got through the 1st couple of weeks is that I was shocked at how many people had lied to me, my best friends!!! About how perfect having a child was and how my life was going to be amazing, yay I thought, let’s get this amazingness on the go. Had they forgotten or were they protecting me? Well from that day on I became a code breaker.

When you are having your 1st child you are feeling so nervous and you gather information from every source possible, so you would think your best friends would tell you how it is but NO!

The code vs The truth

– Lie about giving birth or not lying, it can be harsh but they will hate you after for not telling them.

– Lie about sleeping or lack of or tell people how it is, at least they can prepare themselves.

– Lie about breastfeeding being easy or tell people it is really hard and it’s not for everyone and that’s ok!

– Lie about losing all baby weight after giving birth or tell people this does not happen, stop piling in the cakes (I thought all baby weight would come off and clearly it did not even though my mum told me so many times I didn’t listen!).

– Lie about that your life gets back to normal or just accept this will never happen and enjoy the times being a parent and enjoy the times you have off (has taken 2 years for me realise this).

– Lie about how amazing everything is or don’t lie, everyone knows you are lying, no one likes no sleep and constant worry (unless you have a child that sleeps then never mention this to other parents with babies, they will hate you and I mean hate, sleep deprivation can send you crazy)

– Lie that you totally know what you are doing or just admit you don’t have a masters in parenting, no one has, nothing is black & white everything is a grey area.

My only piece of advice make sure you prep up (using any resources) about actually looking after a baby, I didn’t I just focused on being pregnant and birth and got quite a shock!

7 thoughts on “7 ways to break the ‘perfect parenting’ code…..

  1. yespeasmumma says:

    No, all my friends told me the truth. They didn’t sugar coat it for me. But then I got all huffy and told them to stop being so negative. Then I had my son, and I get it now. I suppose I was lucky in the fact they told me the truth! I wasn’t really that shocked in the end 🙂

  2. natalietiernan says:

    Agreed! Do you know what people didn’t tell me?! How HARD pre-schoolers are! Everybody focused on the baby part! No, the baby bit was easy in comparison! Pre-schoolers? GOOD GOD SEND HELP!!!!

  3. Stressed Mum says:

    My husband had 3 babys before we got together so he was a pro and I was a newbie, and I honestly loved every second of being a Mum. I had my reasons for feeling like this though x

  4. Tori Gabriel says:

    I wish someone had told me how difficult potty training is. I feel like a total failure when I see books like “potty train in a day”. It’s been weeks and we’re still not there.

    • Everything is a phase says:

      I know what you mean, we started and we are still doing poos in nappies but wees in the potty, I’m just hoping it will just happen one day, don’t worry you will get there, I think all those books are lies!

  5. Claire says:

    I am always REALLY honest about this stuff! I love being a mummy and enjoy the privelidge of seeing them grow but there is also the reality of a total life change and struggles you couldn’t imagine!! I so wish people had been clearer with me!!

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